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IBM SmartCamp 2016 for Deep Tech was conducted on December 17 at Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore. It was one of India’s biggest start-up challenges, which invited pioneering, game-changing start-ups focussed on disruptive innovations around IoT, Big Data & Analytics, Security, Storage, Mobile, Cognitive & Machine Learning, Blockchain, Social, Cloud Infrastructure, and those that use innovative technology to scale their business and launch products to solve real world problems.

IBM SmartCamp is a part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur program aimed at identifying start-ups in the B2B and B2C space in India who are redefining various sectors using new age technologies. The winners of IBM SmartCamp are given an access to IBM Cloud credits worth 12,000 USD for a year and can leverage the best of IBM technologies around Cognitive, Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, IoT and Infrastructure as a service. All the participants also get an opportunity to learn from IBM’s senior leadership and industry experts.

At the Deep Tech event Seema Kumar, Country Leader, Developer Ecosystem and Startups IBM India/SA, said, “This year, we added an industry focus to the SmartCamp challenge starting with key sectors like FinTech, Health Tech, Smart City and Deep Tech. We received a strong response from leading start-ups across the country in each of these areas.  The focus of IBM SmartCamp for Deep Tech was to identify the start-ups working on core technology driven solutions based on areas such as Cognitive and machine learning, IoT, Blockchain and Security. The forum offers a unique opportunity to start-ups to showcase their offerings and get first hand feedback from the various industry stakeholders.” She added, “Several start-ups in the Deep Tech challenge led with a cognitive approach. We are committed to nurturing the start-up ecosystem in India and work together to co-create and co-innovate technologies which can be scaled globally by taking advantage of cognitive and cloud-based technologies.”

The event was an opportunity for the participating top 10 start-ups to present their solutions and products to a panel of VCs, angel investors, enterprise CIOs, IBM executives and key influencers across various domains.

The winners were chosen after multiple levels of screenings and panel rounds by the jury members. They were judged on parameters like innovative solution, features and demos, ability to scale, team behind the product, and the market size they were addressing with their solution.

Fluid AI, from Mumbai, was adjudged the winner of IBM Smart Camp for Deep Tech 2016. The first runner up and second runner-up were Emotix and SigTuple Technologies Pvt Ltd, from Mumbai and Bangalore, respectively.

Raghav Aggarwal, co-founder of Fluid AI said, “We are honoured to be the winner of IBM SmartCamp for Deep Tech challenge and thankful to IBM Global Entrepreneur for providing a platform which gave us an opportunity to get valuable insights from industry veterans. Coming in as winners against some of the best Deep Tech start-ups in India, validates the vision and mission we have envisaged for our clients. We are leveraging AI and Virtual Reality which we believe can be used across industries, sectors and use cases like Banking, Retail and Hospitality to address real world problems more intelligently. By being a part of IBM Global Entrepreneur program we would be able to incorporate Watson in our solution by which we would be able to offer much more innovations to our clients.”

The ten start-ups that showcased their products were:

  • Appiyo Technologies Pte Ltd. – Appiyo provides Private Social & Computing platform for the collective intellect of the crowd to create contemporary business class process apps. Their new product is Actionable Instant Messaging(AIM) on MeOnCloud. And, AIM will become the primary UI window for two-way user interaction in Enterprise Applications.
  • Clean Slate Technologies – Clean Slate’s flagship indoor positioning SDK product inLocate, once integrated within any mobile app, locates users’ presence inside and in proximity of pre-mapped indoor venues like retail stores, restaurants, malls etc. Retailers, app publishers & marketers use this SDK into their apps to locate users near crucial points of interest for proximity marketing and behavioural advertising.
  • Emotix – They have build India’s first robot companion. Miko is your child’s new companion — a brain with loads of heart. You will be amazed with how much Miko can do — be it chatting away about the facts of the world or adapting and responding to your child’s needs. Miko has a wide pool of knowledge and an even wider pool of fun.
  • Fluid AI – They are making Thinking Machines a reality. Fluid AI believes that the power of artificial intelligence can be used across industries, sectors and use cases. Their team is working hard to bring about a future where their solutions redefine the landscape of what is possible using AI. They are concentrating in retail and banking now.
  • GenCrunch – GenCrunch is a start-up IT product company specialising in providing collaborative business intelligence services via its Big Data Analytics and Aggregation Engine. The company name stands for Big Data Collection, Crunching and Analysis aimed at driving value for all parties involved in creating and managing their data. Their newest product is Zaakit, for analytical assistance, which is all about stress-free shopping from your favourite retail store. For Zaakit, they say, ‘Buy It Here, Get It There’ which means the convenience to get what you need, when you need it.
  • KrypC – KrypC is a FinTech solution and service provider focusing on bringing innovative solutions in the field of Blockchain. KrypC specializes is undertaking niche developments in the Blockchain domain. The team brings in a considerable technology and operational experience and expertise in cryptography, security and mobility. Their product, KrypCore, which is a tool that helps businesses quickly adopt Blockchain technology. Users require minimal coding and technical knowledge to build a fully functional Blockchain app.
  • Merxius Software – They are India’s most awarded augmented and virtual reality company. They build innovative products for real estate, defence and marketing. Their software RED can input any 3D files and directly deploy as VR on the computer, mobile and any VR headset in the market today
  • NeuroEquilibrium Diagnostic Systems – They are an organization established to address the needs of patients suffering from vertigo and dizziness with its advanced diagnostic systems. They take an integrated approach to vertigo diagnosis rather than looking at it as diagnostic equipment. They want to treat patients suffering from vertigo, balance disorders and dizziness.
  • SigTuple – They build products for automated analysis of medical images and data, to aid diagnosis. Their product, Shonit is a next generation solution and a complete peripheral blood smear analyser solution which automates the routine tasks like differential counts. It starts by capturing images of blood smear slides with a phone fitted on a microscope. The images are analysed on cloud using state of the art image processing and deep learning techniques.
  • Staqu Technologies – They are re-defining search through artificial intelligence. They utilize state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to provide precise reverse image search solutions. They generate meta tags for products is a cumbersome task that has been made easy by our advanced deep learning and natural language processing based algorithms.

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Vivanta by Taj

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